RedRestore Shipping FAQ:

Have a question about shipping or your tracking number? We've answered them all for your right here!


Complimentary Shipping to North America | ūüá®ūüᶠ&ūüáļūüáł

RedRestore Laser proudly offers FREE shipping to our USA & Canadian Customers


We Provide Global Shipping

We ship our RedRestore Caps all around the world. For international orders, we charge a flat rate shipping fee of just $35


How long does shipping take? (When will you receive your package)

USA / Canadian Customers: Typically 5 - 10 business days

International Customers: It can take 15-20 business days for you to receive your package. Please allow for extended shipping time due to your package crossing customs/ borders as it may take extra time beyond our control. 


How long will it take for my order to be shipped? (Receiving your tracking number)

It can take 2 business days (48H, weekends not included) for your order to be processed. Please note, we do not ship or process packages on weekends. 

My tracking number has not updated!

Once you have received your tracking number via email, please allow for 24-48H for your tracking number to be scanned ("accepted") by the postal system. Your item is ready to be shipped and will be leaving our warehouse shortly. 


Are there any Tariffs, Export Taxes on my order?

USA / Canadian Customers: No! There should not be any additional fees or charges applied to your order. Please let us know (with a copy of your receipt and the receipt of the additional charge) if any additional fee arises. 

International Customers: Please be aware, there may be additional tariffs or taxes applied to your order by the customs of your country. We are not liable for/liable to pay any additional fees, tariffs or taxes on your order. 


My tracking number say's my order has been "Delivered" but my package is not at my door. 

Your package may be waiting for you to pick it up at your local post office. Please call your Postal Service to see if your item is waiting for you there. 

Post Office Customer Service <<Click HERE>>

**Please Note: RedRestore does not cover reported missing packages that have been marked as "Successfully Delivered" by your postal service. As we cannot verify the claim, RedRestore is unable to process a replacement package. You will need to report your missing package to your postal service and file your claim through their services. 




RedRestore Billing FAQ:

**All prices on are in $U.S. Dollar (USD) currency. Prior to purchase, please be advised of your bank/ credit card provider's currency conversion rates depending on your bank/ credit card provider's country of purchase.


What methods of payment does RedRestore accept?

We securely accept VISA, MasterCard & PayPal through our encrypted payment provider for your ultimate peace of mind. 

If you have another type of credit card (ex. American Express) please checkout through PayPal Express Checkout as you would with a normal checkout - you do not need a PayPal Account to use PayPal Express Checkout


What will I see on my billing/ credit card statement? 

You'll see either RedRestore Laser or 10589578 Canada


Why was I charged a different amount on my bank statement than what I was billed for on my RedRestore receipt? 

Some banks/ credit card providers may have additional charges for making purchases online or an international payment (if you are a customer making a purchase outside of the United States). This additional fee is applied by your bank/ credit card provider and RedRestore is not liable to pay. RedRestore only charges what you see on your receipt from and nothing more. 


I tried completing an order and my payment(s) was declined.

You may need to call your bank to confirm your ZIP code / Billing Address that you signed up to your credit card with. For your ultimate protection, we need all corresponding information with the credit card used during check out to be properly submitted.

Or, you may need to call your bank to "green light" the purchase. Occasionally, your bank may require extra verification to complete your purchase as you may have hit your daily limit on your card. Please call the number on the back of your card to speak to your bank / credit card representative. 

When you have attempted multiple times to make an order with us and the transaction has not been successful, it may appear that you have been charged multiple times. Please allow for 24-48 hours for your funds to be properly returned to your account. If a payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation email from RedRestore with a receipt. RedRestore will does not charge you for unsuccessful transactions.




Still have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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