Onion Juice for Hair Growth - Success or Hoax?

by RedRestore on October 28, 2018
before and after onion juice for hair growth

How To & Review:
Onion Juice Treatment for Hair Growth (Before & After)

Here at RedRestore, we're all about natural & effective treatments for hairloss that actually work. In our modern world, we sometimes forget that what we assume to be old wives tales, are actually proven solutions that have been scientifically backed by evidence and research. Bring in the simple, everyday onion. No longer just for cooking, onion juice has been used for hundreds of years as a common homemade remedy for hair fall, promoting hair thickness & even a cure for graying hair. Before you start juicing all the onions in your kitchen, read this article to understand the benefits, the side effects, see before & after pictures and read our 'How To' guide on how to regrow your hair with onion juice.

Why is Onion Juice Good for Your Hair?

Onions are jammed packed with active properties that our body's need to help fight hair loss. It not only gives your hair the extra vitamins & nutirents it needs to boost hair growth but it has also been known to condition & nurish your scalp so that it can grow the healthiest of hairs.

Hair Conditions Successfully Treated with Onion Juice

  • Alopecia treament
  • Hair loss
  • inflamed Dry / Itchy Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Thinning Hair
  • Dry or Brittle Hair
  • Prematurely Graying Hair
  • Scalp Infection

The Side Effects:
Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Loss

Onion Juice Boosts Your Scalp's Circulation

Onions are believed to boost the body's circulation. Circulation or lack there of, can sometimes be a major factor of hair loss. When applying onion juice to your scalp, your body fires off signals to send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the cells of your hair.

Our blood is rich in iron which is an integral mineral that our hair needs to grow healthy and strong. Iron brings oxygen to your hair cells, boosting the nutirent intake and growth factor of each cell.

It's been studied that low iron levels is the leading cause of Anemia, which has been proven to be a major factor of hair loss in women.

The onion juice treatment for hair growth is an easy & at-home treatment to flush your scalp with blood, giving your hair follicles all the minerals and energy they need to get growing.

Onion Juice Strengthens Hair Shaft

onion juice hair loss cure reviews

Our hair is made from protein rich keratin. Keratin is extremely sulfur-rich protein that is integral to growing your hair healthy and strong. Onions are extremely high in dietary sulfur and when applied to the the entirety of your scalp protects and nourishes the hair shaft, making it less prone to breakage.

Sulfur is also know to promote collagen production. Collagen is the key to healthy glowing skin & hair - it's the secret that keeps us looking young. Collagen encourages the production of healthy, young, vibrant hair.

The high sulfur in the onion juice hair loss cure makes your hair stronger and more elastic, meaning that your new sprouting hairs are given the best start and your existing hair can continue to grow thicker, longer & healthier.

Onion Juice for a Healthy Scalp

Hair health begins at the scalp. A healthy scalp is ground zero for dense, healthy hair. Onions are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which cleanses the scalp keeping it clear of dandruff and infections. An itchy inflammed scalp can actually lead to hair loss & hair fall.

Onions are an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and when applied to your scalp, nourish and soothes your skin encouraging healthy hair to grow. Antioxidants specifically protect our bodies (and hair) from free radicals, which are through to contribute to the aging process. Old, weak hair is more prone to thinning and breakage.

The active properties in the onion juice keep your scalp and hair shaft conditioned and nourishd, so that it can grow the strongest and healthiest hair possible!

Onion Juice Hair Growth Success Stories:
Treatment for Alopecia?

Multiple studies have concluded the effectiveness of onion juice for Alopecia patients. In a 2002 study that was desinged to test the effectiveness of of onion juice for hair growth, patients were divided into two control groups - onion juice topical treatments & tap water treatments. 

Patients who used the crude onion juice treatment saw re-growth of terminal coarse hairs just after 2 weeks of daily use. After 6 weeks, an astounding 86.9% of subjects who used the onion juice treatment saw hair regrowth compared to that of only 13% of patients who just used tap water.

Studies like this, give strong evidence that onion juice can be a natural treatment for alopecia or pattern baldness as it can help stimulate hair growth and protect already exisiting hair.

Real Before & After Pictures from People Using Onion Juice to Regrow their Hair

onion juice hair growth before & after
**Before & After from using Onion Juice for Hair Growth ( Not from Alopecia Clinical Trail )
Onion Juice for hair loss pictures
**Before & After from using Onion Juice for Hair Growth ( Not from Alopecia Clinical Trail )
Onion juice for hair growth how to store
**Before & After from using Onion Juice for Hair Growth ( Not from Alopecia Clinical Trail )

How To Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth Treatment

onion juice hair growth success review

The onion juice at-home remedy for hair loss is totally safe and effective for all hair types - yes, even natural hair! Before starting your treatment, please ensure that you don't an onion allergy as that will only hurt and irritate your scalp. We also should warn you... keep your windows wide open! This treatment can smell as strong as it works, however, in this guide we give you some tips on how to majorly reduce the onion smell.

This is also not an over night treatment for hair loss. Like most things, this remedy takes time to see the full results and we suggest taking a before picture to track you progress. It can take around 6 months for you to see a major change in your hair.

Can you use this as a treatment everyday? Yes, since this is a natural and relatively gentle topical, you can use this treatment as a daily part of your hair growth routine. We've also heard people having results using this treatment as little as once a week over a period of a few months.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Making Your Onion Juice Growth Treatment

  1. Grab an onion, even better if they're organic. If your looking to do multiple treatments a week, we suggest making a larger batch with 1 - 3 onions depending on how much hair you have.
  2. Juice your onion(s) with the appliance of your choice: counter-top blender, hand blender (our personal choice), juicer etc...
  3. Strain out the pulp with a fine mesh strainer and if you have one, line your strainer with a cheese cloth to catch any extra bits. The nutrients are now entirely in the juice and the pulpy fibers will just get caught in your hair
  4. Add in Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (or any oil of your choice). We suggest a 1:3 ratio of oil to onion juice. This reduces the smell and encourages deeper penetration of the active ingredients into your scalp and hair
  5. Mix and leave on your scalp for 30-60 minutes 
  6. Rinse out with shampoo with a gentle cleanser and condition with a rich conditioner
  7. Store the leftovers in a air-container in the fridge for up to 1 week
  8. Repeat as many times a week as you feel your scalp needs/ can handle. Your scalp may be red after treatments, so start slow before aggressively using treatments.
  9. **If your esepecially worried about the smell, you can rinse with an organic apple cider vinegar rinse (1 cup water : 2 Tblsp Vinegar) and a few drops of essential oil. Still finish by cleansing with a gentle shampoo and good conditioner.

Conclusion: Can Onion Juice Really Boost Hair Growth?

  • Onion Juice is full of vitamins, minerals & nutrients to boost hair growth
  • It's also high in sulfur which is found in keratin and collagen - both important building blocks of vibrant, strong & healthy hair
  • Onion Juice encourages blood circulation which brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your hair - giving each cell what it needs to get growing
  • It's a proven treatment to encourage hair growth for multilpe hair loss conditions
  • It's a super easy and a cheap at-home treatment that will actually garner real-life results.
  • We reccomend trying the onion juice hair treatment as an active part of your hair growth routine - sometimes the most simple things in life REALLY do work!